We asked our amazing team a few random questions so all of our amazing followers can get to know us a little better. We also wanted to share a few laughs along the way.

Question #4 – Have you ever met anybody famous?

  • Laura Calder – Nope and that is okay with me.
  • Nate Dalebout – I met Steve Young in the SLC airport one time.
  • Gina Johnson – Not that I recall.  I need to get out more I guess…
  • Lori Child – I’ve met Emily VanCamp (Revenge), Zack Efron, James Earl Jones, Scott Wolf (he’s a sweetheart), Treat Williams, Cuba Gooding Jr (not a sweetheart), James Franco, and lots of rock stars… my favorite is Tommy Shaw from Styx.
  • Clint Carver – I met John Stockton at a book signing a few years ago!
  • Stephanie Love – No not really.
  • Chris Buckway – I sat in an outdoor theater a few feet away from Mitt Romney once.  I’m kind of big deal.
  • Dottie Garn – No one “really” famous.
  • Mitch Dean – Barry Sanders.


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