Your home is probably one of the biggest investment you will make over your lifetime. It is important to protect your investment. One of the biggest causes of a lost investment in buying a home is water. Water can ruin any home quickly and with vengeance. Water damage is no joke. The roof over your head is super crucial to keep your home investment safe and secure. Here are three tips you should know to keep your investment profitable and your family dry.

  1. Even Roofs Need Replacing – A normal roof only last for 10-15 years. When first buying a home it is well worth paying for a home inspection even if it is not required. Knowing the life of the roof might be a deciding factor when buying or even placing on offer on a home. Let’s say there is only 3 years left on the roof of the home you are about to buy. Knowing this can help you negotiate the sales price and could end up saving you thousands when all is said and done.
  2. Home and Roof Warranty’s – If your homes roof has been recently been replaced by the previous home owners there might be a roof warrant that is still in effect it could help save you even more money. If the roof is under a non-transferable warranty and a problem is noted before the sale is completed, the seller may be willing to use that warrant coverage to address concerns.
  3. Be Proactive – It is in your best interest to take care of issues before they become massive problems. If you notice water dripping inside your home during a rain shower and then several days later, notice that there is longer moisture in that same area, do not assume for a moment that the leak has fixes itself. If moisture was able to get in once, and a repair has not been made, moisture is still able to gain entrance, even if its location in your home is seemingly unapparent.

To learn more about replacing the roof on your home, or for information about roof repair services, contact your local roofer.